Teams Autoattendant disconnecting right after answering

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I have setup several autoattedants in the same tenant that are bahaving strangely: They disconnect the call after 1-2 seconds of answering.

I am calling from my Teams cliente on the same tenant, so no codec or call routing issues. Also, there is no SBC in the middle that I can look into.


I have setup everything. The AA has it's resource account, and the RA has it's virtual user license and directory number assigned.


Has anyone seen something like this?



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No, I have not noticed this behaviour in the past. Can you share some details about your AA configuration. Is there a greeting in place and which type of greeting? Can you hear the greeting message? What is the call action in your AA?
Hi, Thorsten!
The Greeting Message is disabled (I enabled it, with the same results)
There's an audio file for the menu options (I changed it to a text message, same results).
I cannot hear anything. The autoattendant answers the call, and ends it before the call clock reaches 0:02

Hi @arielroza,

Do you know the self-healing feature in the Microsoft Admin center? There is also available a check for Auto Attendants issues:



Give it a try. You can find it in the Microsoft Admin Center -> help & support. From what you are reporting, it sounds like it is an issue in the backend.

Did you try to call the SIP URI of the ressource account instead of the assigned phone number?

I already used the Auto Attendant troubleshooter with no success.
And calling the URI instead of the number yields the same results.
Ok, then I would open a ticket with support if I were you.
I opened a support ticket and, in the end, it was an issue in the cloud's backend