Teams auto starts DESPITE disabling it

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I'm having trouble disabling auto start for teams. I have disabled it both in the app's own settings, as well as the system's settings, and yet it STILL starts every time I turn on my laptop. How is that possible?

I cannot uninstall it because I need it for college from time to time.

I have heard about a registry entry that can be deleted but I've no clue where to find it.

I really appreciate your help!

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@Jule_Marie Hello Jule, this has been discussed in a previous conversation so I'm just going to link to that one


But if you only want to know where the registry key is located:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run com.squirrel.Teams.Teams


Thanks for the answer! I saw the other thread, however I have done all the recommended actions. I disabled auto start both in the apps settings and in the computer's settings. This did not stop teams from auto starting though.

I can't seem to find the registry key, even though I've put its name in the search bar to check across my laptop. Where is the HKCU folder?

Thank you for your help!

@Jule_Marie Hello! Go via the start button (Windows button), type "regedit" and press enter for the 'Registry Editor' to open up. Then browse to the location. HKCU stands for HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Good luck! :)


Thanks! I found the registry entry and deleted it! However...

I restarted my laptop and voila... Teams auto launched again. What kind of sorcery is this :facepalm:

@Jule_Marie Hello again, I know that it's frustrating as the key needs to be deleted with a script. To prevent the behavior there's a GPO you can use and it has to be created before Teams is installed. But once you've started Teams after that it's going to start automatically again. There are a couple of UserVoice request you can vote on, this is one of them:


How about using Teams on the web if you don't want the Teams app to auto-start?

@ChristianBergstromWhy is this aggressive behaviour, that MS Teams definitely has (otherwhise this subject wouldn't exist), even allowed? Reputation goes down the drain. And with the last update, their team has successfully managed to produce once again several BSODs on many different computers. There is something horribly wrong with this company and its aggressive data/uusage policies. It is a shame.

Hello, it's really not about being aggressive. I would say it's more about the code and how SSO and modern authentication works. But you should be able to control the autostart setting of course and you actually have these options within the Teams settings, the W10 app autostart setting and you can enter task manager and disable Teams. That should do it really. If not I would probably just use the online app if finding this being a problem.


Btw, I've never heard of BSOD caused by Teams and I have no idea what you're insinuating about the data and usage policies as you have so many options to adjust telemetry/diagnostics data over the entire suite. And they are actually very open about it as well.


Let me just add that I right now just disabled the autostart of Teams and it works like a charm, this was done from the Teams settings using two different laptops. One personal and one work computer.




How about a MacBook?

We've create a group policy (in user context) to remove de com.squirrel.Teams.Teams key from the current user section. It should apply to the use that is logging in. But Teams keeps starting.
I manually deleted the key. Logged off en back in. Teams started again, so I went in Regedit again. And.... the key was back! So what triggers the key to get created again?

lol right on

@ChristianBergstromThis is the most Windows thing ever. The option within Teams to NOT Autostart should prevent the program from autostarting. Users should not have to do anything additional. This is yet another attempt by M$ to force people to use their software over other options. It is now 2024 and this is still an issue.