Teams Auto Attendant pronouncing period as "dot"

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Using text to speech for Greeting, this seems to have started recently, anyone know of a work around ?

If you eliminate the punctuation, it just runs it all together.


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I am seeing the same thing happen suddenly. Any resolution yet?

I just did a bunch of testing with characters. The solution is as follows:

Add a space " " after the dot at the end of the sentence.


"This is my sentence. " <- Note the space at the end of the sentence, adding a new line is not sufficient.

I'm curious why the sudden change? It had been working fine without the space since Teams was rolled out. Thank you for the testing and reply!
Using a paragraph with commas and periods works.

If you use numbers at the end of a line with a period, it may read the period as "dot" or "point" for example:

For option abc press 2.

For option bca press 3.