Teams Auto Attendant & Call Queue Historical Report

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Hello everyone,

We are slowly moving some of our hotlines to Teams, so I was searching for a way to get the data effectively.

With this, I came across the PowerBI report Auto Attendant & Call Queue Historical Report - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn. Sadly it seems the data source is no longer valid. If I try to connect to it, I'm getting error message:

Web.Contents failed to get contents from '**** (500): Internal Server Error


Do you know what is the correct data source which should be used?


I do have access to Teams admin center and QER (Microsoft Call Quality data source) report without any issues so this should be a problem of the incorrect data source.


Also is there a way how to display a full E164 number in the call history? It seems the last four digits are always replaced with stars which I suppose is due to privacy.


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Were you able to solve your issue?

@ThePorek , I am having the same issue. Are you able to resolve this ? Thanks ! Nick

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@NickK890same issue, found the solution in the instructions, it's the purple note block,

Can confirm, the old one works. But it seems like the phone number of the caller is missing there, only agents' data are present
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