Teams Audio Conferencing Bridge without Meeting ID or Passcode?

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My customer wants to have a conference bridge phone number that he can give out to his employess where they don't have to enter a participant code to join the conference.  Essentially, a "party line" that anyone can join.  


From what I've read, my customer needs their own personal Teams Audio Conferencing number that is custom configured to not require a participant code.  

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Hi @ranual 


Yes, its to set up a personal Teams Audio Conferencing number with custom configuration.


please explore the link below to help you further:




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Most conferencing system stopped this year's ago. It allows for significant abuse of the system. Just anyone can find the line and the invite all their friends to use it, possibly even calling collect.

This article describes shared and dedicated numbers and makes no mention of a personal phone number assigned to a user without a PIN or Passcode. Please re-read my initial question and respond accordingly; and stop wasting my time if you do not know.

Thank you.


@ranual Ignore that bot thing, it seems to make up answers that don't exist for some unknown reason.


There is no capability in Teams to have what your customer is asking for, it's an audio conferencing service, not a 'party line' service.


I shudder to imagine why they think that they want this feature.