Teams Attendance - No info yet or deleted

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I have attendance reports turned on for all meetings as we use the attendance reports for some of our reporting in powerBI however for some reason 1 of my meetings today (Out of a total of 6) is not providing an attendance report and when the download button is clicked the error message 'No info yet or deleted' is given. Is there a way to get Teams to try and regenerate the report?

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@Donald - you can ask an 0365 Admin in your company to pull the report. It's not efficient. More to the problem is diagnosing why this is happening. I have three out of 15 people on my team who are having attendance report issues and we can't find a root cause or a common thread.

Was there any difference in how you created the one meeting that didn't get the attendance report?
I am having the same issue. Was your admin able to pull the report?

@TeacherWeber They were able to pull something. I wasn't involved in that particular case.  But what I'm finding is that many of my team members are reporting they cannot get the attendance.  Cannot find a common thread in all the cases.  


In my case, I was a Co-Organizer and even though the help article says I can get attendance after the fact in Chat, I've not yet been able to do so.

Just chiming my experience in here. I created six meetings (trainings). No difference in how I created them (though I did probably do some different things regarding meeting options, since the training involved meeting options. Three of them allowed me to download the attendance report, the other six gave the "No info yet or deleted" response.