Teams - Are all my files visible on Teams Files

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I’m a novice when it comes to Teams, OneDrive etc. I have noticed that some of the files of my work colleagues are visible in recent files on teams. Does it mean if I save documents on my OneDrive they are also visible to others?
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The files that you store in your OneDrive are typically only visible to you via the Recent files list. If you share files with others from your OneDrive and your peers view or edit them, then those individuals would see those files in their Recent file list.


You are seeing files in your Recent file list that were created by your peers because you have recently viewed or edited them. You can find out more information about the Files list in Teams here: Explore the Files list in Teams - Office Support (

In the files section in the Teams you have a personal view of all the files you have recently worked on no matter if they come from OneDrive or Teams. In regards of ODFB Files, visibility is only for you and other can see the files if you have shared with them, if not, they cannot see them