Teams apps not showing up in left navigation bar


We have added guests to our tenant and they are able to access our environment, but they do not see any apps in the left navigation bar. They only see Activity, Chat, Teams, and Files. There's not even the "..." or generic App icon to allow them to search apps. It's not an access issue either because they can do a search by the app's name and get access to it. This is the same behavior with the desktop and web client. We only have the one global policy and I confirmed that my guest account is using the global policy. I'm not sure what setting would even effect the apps menu from not showing up. Is there any way to allow guests to see our pinned apps and to show the Apps icon?

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Hi, as per this article - - guests do not have access to Apps from the Teams app, but they can access it via direct link.
Thanks. I figured it was something like that but couldn't find anything when searching.