Teams Apps not blocked

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In Teams Admin I have set the following under Teams App

Permission policies -> Microsoft / Third party / Tenant apps all set to Block all apps


This I click on Manage Apps and I can see in the App status that some Apps are set to Allowed but is disabled org-wide where other apps are set to Allowed.


What I was hoping is for all Apps to be blocked !! 


Am I missing a setting somewhere ?





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Hi @backonthejob 


Once you block all the Third Party Published as well Microsoft and Tenant Application would be blocked. 

Once the changes are made on the Permission Page it might take around 24 hours for the changes to replicate on the Tenant Level for the application.


In addition you also have the rights to go on the Manage Application > Click on the Application and Disable Individual Application as per your preferences.


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Satish U  


Hi, I have set all three tabs to be blocked and I set this days ago so why should I need to manually block each App !! @Satish2805 


@backonthejobI believed that for some time, the apps were allowed and people added some apps during that period of time. Later, when you disactivated apps at the company level, new apps cannot be added however all the apps that were installed are still working.