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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams Approvals needs markdown support

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First I want to salute the initiative to add Approvals to Teams, so all approval process would be more "user friendly" and quicker than going to Power Automate portal.


It still has a major problem because its lack of support for markdown. Any approval will need some or more details for the approver, so when will receive the message will have all the information at his hands.


And all is good when the message reach in Outlook mailbox, which support a lot of the markdown as stated here:  

The same document mention that Teams should support some of the markdown tags, but most of them are missing: bulleted lists, bold/italic text and links.


Without this "little things", Teams Approvals will be pretty useless, or limited to Teams initiated approvals only... but cannot ignore the rest of the approvals that pouring in Teams...


Just a quick comparison:

- How the approval look in an email message:


- How the same approval look in Teams:



Could be something done so the approvals have the same look in Teams?


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@Lucian_C, there is a UserVoice entry for that, I already voted for it, make sure you do too! :) Support approvals markup in Approvals App! – Microsoft Teams UserVoice