Teams applicaton freezes on a white screen

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Good morning to the microsoft support team. The teams application worked very well on my desktop, but once I tried to create a new account, I can't open any more accounts. I have uninstalled and installed more than three times, but when I log in with any account the application freezes on a white screen and does not open teams.

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@carlosporfiriojr There's been a brief service issue effecting some users today, if you close and restart it will probably be ok again now as the issue seems to be resolved.


Also to note, you won't find Microsoft support teams actively monitoring this forum, people here who might answer are other Microsoft customers like yourself offering their insight. To get support you need to raise a ticket as an admin on a tenant.

For all those still having issues getting Teams to launch, I tried deleting the temp files, credentials, etc. The only fix I've found to work is to uninstall current version of Teams, install an older version(I used this version: It will then prompt you to update, follow the update link and install the most recent version of Teams again. I've had this work for 3 users so far.