Teams application display is HUGE on Dell Monitor


I have a Dell curved monitor with a display setting of 2440 x1440 and my Teams app is HUGE!  I've tried changing my display settings, font size and pretty much everything and still 5x bigger than normal Microsoft apps.  Is there a way to correct this?  The app stay same size when I disconnect and working on my Surface laptop as well.  

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Hello!  This happened to me recently and I was surprised to find out that Teams has an individual zoom setting in its settings menu.  If you click on your picture in the top right, it drops down and Zoom is right below the Settings gear.


Hope this was the problem!  (Because it's easy to fix. ;) )

You are my hero @Marty Smith!!  Although it's nice to be able to see Teams without my glasses, it's a bit difficult to watch the conversations.  Thanks a ton for your quick response and resolution to my issue!  Problem solved!

So happy to have that pointed out! From installation, it's always seemed too big on every computer. My zoom was set at 175% which is a bit nuts. I'd never noticed the option to change the zoom level. Best answer in a long time.

@Marty Smith   I have similar problem, except your solution just zooms the font in and out, my issue is the window size, can this be reduced (while keeping the font the same)?  it obliterates my screen if i use TEAMS.   A list of contacts with a separate window for chats would work, it seems to be a cumbersome all in one set up.  Any help gratefully received. thanks.

This saved my sanity also! Thank you!

@Marty Smith Thanks for this - am on 4K monitors and was wondering why everything was so big!

Thank you! My screen was so big I couldn't see the zoom option but knowing it was there made me work for it and I was able to fix my display. You rock!!
I Accidentally changed the app feature to under 100%. And now the ops is so big I cannot even manipulate the computer to try to find out how to shrink it?
thank you so much!

@Lysacush  You can also hold down CTRL and use the mouse wheel to scale.