Teams app window keeps jumping back to main Window

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I'm using three monitors, on one monitor I usually have the Teams app window. That monitor is not my main display. I can move the Teams app windows to any of my three monitors and it stays there but as soon as I switch focus to the Teams app windows it pops back to my main display. Very annoying. Anyone experienced this behavior?

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I am experiencing the exact same behavior on my system.

I experimented a bit -- as long as there are a few pixels from the Teams window located on my main monitor, switching focus away and then back to Teams does not move the window. As soon as 100% of the Teams window is no longer on my main monitor, switching focus and then back to Teams moves the window to my main monitor, always in the same location (left edge, towards the top).

This behavior started recently for me. My Teams app says that I'm running installed on 6/25/21. The timing sounds right -- I believe this behavior started with the latest build of the Teams client.

I am also having this exact issue. This is extremely annoying. MS please fix this bug ASAP. @Daniel Persson 

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And it seems to be fixed for me as of today! Maybe it's this Teams update from yesterday?


You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 7/1/2021.



And it's back for me today! :( 

Related: Teams consistently does this - moves meeting window to primary display - every time I start sharing a display. So annoying. I move the Teams meetings window so many times, each day.

A sad impact/consequence of this:
When I share display, MS Teams forces me to show the meeting window to all participants.
This is something I want to avoid.
This exact issue is happening to me.

I'm on macOS Monterey 12.4 (but this was happening before 12.4, too). I'm on an Intel MacBook Pro. I use the MBP's screen plus two external monitors. One of the the monitors is set as the primary monitor (I think).

I like to keep Teams on the MBP's screen, but every time I click on it, the Teams window jumps to the primary monitor.

I have a dock that uses DisplayLink software. I thought DisplayLink was the problem until I found this thread. Maybe it's a combination of DisplayLink and Teams?
No dock here. Just direct connection to motherboard's IGP driven graphics outputs. Hopefully replying into this thread will notify if someone finds a solution. For now, I have to work around by only sharing the secondary screen during calls, in case Teams wants to jump onto the primary.
Same Problem hear...
A year and a half later and still no resolution. So frustrating to have to reposition the Teams window every time I start up my PC. All of my other apps can do this, why is it so hard for Teams?