Teams App virtual keyboard missing

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I'm running the latest Teams app on a Surface Pro 4 in tablet mode, Windows 10 1903, and when a text field gets focus, the usual virtual keyboard does not appear automatically to type into. Other apps work just fine, just not Teams. Is this a known issue?
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Hi Bob

Known issue with the surface 4 and virtual keyboard with Windows 10 1903, but logged under Teams rooms, see here

Would assume this is linked. Does the suggested workaround work?

Best, Chris
Thanks Chris, yes that's in fact the workaround I've been using.

@Bob Manjoney 


Just ran into this on my pro7. Surprised to see this issue still exists.

I'm having same issue. I tried to join a meeting scheduled by my lecturer and it wouldn't let me type in my name as to join. I had to type my name on a word document and then copied and pasted in before I could join. The keyboard refused to show up to enable me type


on surface 7 pro keyboard is opening but teams won’t resize