Teams App Studio - unable to save a team tab to a channel

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Dear all, 


I'm playing around with manifest creation using Teams App Studio. My app for now is a simple .NET standard-based web app hosted in an Azure Web App showing some static html.


When I configure the manifest to provide a personal tab, everything works fine. The app appears exactly as shown in the Youtube video on .

Now, I switch from the personal tab to a team tab and try to add it like this:

a) Store => side-load user-defined app => for me or my team => choose the new 

b) select my playground team where I am an owner and choose "install"

c) choose "setup" the tab

d) now I can see the preview of my web app, but "save" never becomes enabled. 


When I reviewed the tab requirements from I was unable to find a difference for the team tab, so I cannnot figure out what is wrong with my configuration. 


Can someone please assist on how to get the team tab configured, so I can save it to my team channel?


I appreciate your help!


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@Martin Gudel Did you ever figure out the solution to this?