Teams App for Surface Hub Suggestion

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Where are the full features of Teams for the Surface Hub such as presenting your screen and sharing system audio like you can with WIndows 10 devices.  If Microsoft intends to replace SfB with Teams these and more need to be available on the Surface Hub!  Come on Microsoft, let's get going on the Teams app for the Surface Hub!

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I'd like to add, sharing screen has been added but what about sharing audio???  Anyone from Microsoft reviewing this area, please let me know when this will be rolling out??????????????

@Marissa Salazar@Aya Tange @Karan Nigam, and @Cezar Cretu, any idea if Microsoft is going to bring sharing audio to Microsoft Teams on the Surface Hub??

Hello @Jeffrey Allen ,


Once the roadmap for Surface Hub and Teams will be rolled out we will have more information. I'm afraid I can't answer your question at this point but make sure you keep an eye for official announcements. 

If you do want to raise awareness for a needed feature, please do so from the Feedback Hub app as that channel reaches the correct team to make this happen


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Thanks! I’m looking forward to the roadmap on Surface Hubs and Teams! I have made this feedback request twice on the Hub as well.