Teams APP- Class Notebook GLITCH-doesn't show on ALL cell phones

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So, I set up a class notebook via our teams channel. This class notebook shows for most students under the "more" tab in their Teams. HOWEVER, enough of my students ran into this problem that I decided I need to try to solve it. 

Some of them, when they open their teams channel, NOTHING shows under the more tab. No link to class notebook AT ALL. This also happens if place anything in the class materials folder for this group, same problem- NOTHING shows under their "files" tab.


On my end, they are listed as members in teams and I can see their class notebook in my manage notebook section.


Just so everyone knows, I work on a chromebook. Not sure if that matters or not...


Is there some kind of permission that I can change? Do these kids just have to ignore the app on their and use a different device?

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@ShellyFigueroa Yep! I am pretty adept with class notebook. I have used it before this year, but given covid and my students working at home on any device they wanted to and not being in front of a laptop in my classroom lead me to realize that teams doesn't seem to work on all cell phones. I ran into the problem with the class materials folder first, during the year teaching. I decided to switch gears to class notebook to avoid the issue, and the problem appeared again but this time with class notebook. It appears to be all samsung phones. The app just doesn't allow the students to see what is actually there.

Ok, I'll dig deeper.  :)  @jshaw1344 

I have the same problem with the class notebook. On my Samsung phone, I can see Class Notebook tab under More. However, on my Samsung S6 tablet, nothing is under More, not even Assignments or Grades.

I decide to uninstall the Teams app on my tablet and install it again later. Surprisingly, all the tabs under More show up. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed soon; I don't want to do this every time that I create a new class in the future.