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I have seen this asked a few times but don't see any answers.


When someone calls me on Teams I get no option to answer the call. If I press ctrl-Shift-S, the call is answered but there is no popup.
Seems to be okay when from someone internal. But other internal users have no issues.
I’ve checked all settings I can think of but they look fine.


Any suggestions?


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Hello @kroc_kroc   I have seen other posts where similar issues like this one (click on the Best Response).


I can suggest that you reach out to the tech support team at for more personalized assistance.  Hope this helps....

@ThereseSolimeno thanks  for the reply.


I am on Windows 10 but tried the settings path mentioned, but it's not there. 

Settings/Notifications/Teams/Incoming Calls.

I don't have a Teams/Incoming Calls option.

There is a Calls option below but that doesn't look relevant at all.



@kroc_kroc Let's see if the rest of the community can offer suggestions or you can try the site.


@kroc_kroc Are there any calling policies that affect your account?  

Please see the Teams Calling policies as below

I am having this same issue with Teams on my Mac. Previously I had no issue but recently the answer pop up does not appear and I cannot answer the call. Where has this gone? Am I missing something obvious?

@JacquiH Mine is okay now but can't say why.

At the time, the only solution I had was to open Teams in the browser as well. And I could then answer the call from there. After a few months I noticed the call popup was happening in the Teams app too so I stopped using the browser.


So, really no idea why it started working. Some MS update probably fixed it.



I had a user with the same issue and after trying to uninstall MS Teams app using serveral tools such as Revo; resedue from the app still remained some where on the computer. Here's the fix after uninstalling app "Ms Teams" along with "Teams Machine Wide Installer" via control panel, restarting computer. Then reinstalling the app Ms Teams, the pop up to answer incoming calls now appears once again. I hope that this helps others with this issue.