Teams and VMware Horizon VDI best practices

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Trying to get a sense for what others are doing and see if they are facing the same challenges as we are. For anyone running Teams on persistent VMware Horizon desktops, are you running in optimized mode or non optimized mode? We do not have the resources to give any more than 2 CPU cores to our VDI users and while MS says 2 CPU cores is all that is required, we have found that only appears to be true when Teams is optimized. Without optimization, when doing Teams video, the 2 CPU cores run at the max, causing voice and video issues. With it, many features that our users need in Teams seem to shut off and not become available like backgrounds and video image tiling while a screen is being shared.


FYI, we are not running the latest 2006 version of Horizon yet and only have standard licensing so when we do get there, unless we upgrade to at least the Horizon Advanced licensing, we will not be able to take advantage of the ability offload Teams processor needs to the local device. Hopefully one day we can have that and that will resolve our issue but that is not our reality today and I'm hoping there might be others in the same predicament my company is in right now and have come up with some workarounds for this issue.



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