Teams and the new Co-Organizer feature

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Hi -


I am pretty sure I know the answer but wanted to exhaust all options...


Employee A created a recurring meeting a year ago to a distribution list.  Employee B started with the company last week.  Employee A asked to make employee B a co-organizer of the meeting.  I completed that but then employee A wants to allow employee B to modify and alter the calendar appt. if employee A were out or unavailable.


I explained that the co-organizer feature does not allow the modification of the actual calendar event, it only allows control of the meeting itself.  This is the correct statement?  Although, I do agree that it should in the future.


Is the only option to give employee B modify access of employee A's calendar?  She does not want that.  The only other option I can think of is setting up a shared calendar.  Anything else?



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That's correct. They can't edit the meeting invite itself. One workaround could be to use the meeting options and make others presenters or co-organizers too, i.e. to set up the Lobby and Who can present options.