Teams and Private Numbers

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Does anybody know if private lines work with Teams like they do for SfB?  I did notice there is a "Private Line" field when executing Get-CsOnlineUser, but you cannot set it using PowerShell (This parameter is restricted within Remote Tenant PowerShell).  I've attempted setting the msRTCSIP-PrivateLine on-premises to see if it syncs, but waiting on the outcome of that.


If it is not, what are other folks' work around for having private lines, or multiple assigned numbers for a user, with direct routing?




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@jangliss  The Private Line feature only available on sfb onprem.


Pls refer


is there any update on this? I mean.... if my CEO wants to migrate from sfb onprem to Teams, he will insist to have a private number - Which I totally understand.

So the question is if MS plans to add that feature to teams.
I agree, losing the private line feature has been a right PITA for us.
In fact, we have lost a number of features we liked in SfB since we moved to Teams....

@TheGarrison This was a problem for us a couple years ago.  If you mainly need the private line for inbound calls, you can leverage an auto attendant.  That is what we did.  More recently Microsoft has added support for Unassigned Numbers (something also not available at the time we migrated to Teams).  In the Teams Admin Center under Voice | Phone Numbers, Routing Rules (tab), you can add a rule for the private number to route to the CEO, partner, etc.


We don't have a lot of demand for outbound private calling, but you can probably do something with a shared account and delegation.