Teams and iPhone data

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Hi everyone, I need to be away from my home office soon, and have a meeting booked while gone.  My associate will be setting it up in Teams.  I will be using my data plan to run my Mac laptop and iPhone while away (no wifi where we are staying). I just wanted to make certain that I will be able to join the Teams meeting while using Data? (I have adjusted my data plan, so the fees won't break the bank, lol).  any insight would be helpful, so when the time comes I am not floundering! :)

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People do this on a daily occurrence.

Just make sure that you practice it before you go and that your destination has good cellular connectivity.

You can also do the call on your iPhone.

@Ed Woodrick thanks so much for your input, much appreciated! Yes, the place I’m staying is going to have good cell coverage so I will make sure to get on a few minutes early to make sure everything is working properly.