Teams and Hybrid/Flexible Working

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There is a company (Team Tracker) that provides businesses/people an easier way to manage hybrid/flexible working between the office and home etc. It allows you to create teams and allow users to input where they are working and when, then it automatically syncs into Microsoft Teams/Outlook so your organisation can see who is working where and when. It also allows the company to manage hot desking so you can see what desks are available when, holidays and work planning.


My question is, are there any features like this available already through Microsoft? I know you can put into your calendar if you are working elsewhere etc but is there any other features to make hybrid working easier to organise without having to use this website?


Thank you.

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Outlook has a desk booking capability Book a workspace in Outlook - Microsoft Tech Community


There isn't a capability I know of to sort of define a future location, other than putting some all day out of office events in your calendar. Perhaps a better question is in what cases would it matter, equip your meetings rooms well then it shouldn't really matter who is and isn't in the office.