Teams and External Document Systems (non-Cloud based)

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Hi all,


I am relatively new to TEAMS and I'm trying to see if anyone has used Teams with external document systems. I use sensitive documents therefore cannot use regular cloud based storage. I have a physical server for these documents and I'd like to use links in Teams to route to documents on this server.


Ideally when selecting 'New' there would be a 'Shortcut' option and that would solve my problem.


Any suggestions?


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AFAIK this is not possible and teams won’t link to On-premises systems! There are a few uservoice a here for voting:

Have you had a look at the compliance and security features of Microsoft365 regarding your documents??

Thanks Adam,


We have specific requirements put on us by the Ministry of Defense regarding storage and they are quite behind the times so onsite it is :)


Thanks for the feedback

@adam deltinger 


Hi @colinpearson ,


The MOD themselves are in Office 365, they may have customised versions of it but I would imagine Teams/SharePoint is secure enough to store associated data. 


That's interesting Andy,


I'll see if I can dig into that a bit. Would save me some licensing on 3rd party products.


Thanks again for getting back.




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