Teams and content with conditional access

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We have streams secured with conditional access (location based) and teams without conditional access.

This turns the sign in and functionality of teams into total mess. Eg, someone has a conversation in teams where streams content has been posted, If you call the user for a teams call (on mobile) they can answer the call but are then hit with a raft of security warnings and pop ups about restricted content and some users are unable to even get to the call behind all the garbage that the app throws at them.


I logged this twice with ms and it was a struggle getting them to understand the problem and both times the end result was being told thats just how it is , the app isnt very good.


Has anyone else had to deal with this or know how i can implement something that doesnt just result in a load of error popups?


TLDR teams function and login on mobile app is completely wrecked if the user has content within a teams chat from secured service.  Removing the conditional access from stream is not acceptable as its there for a specific reason. (if the CA is removed then the teams app works fine)

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Does it help to add in the Teams app as part of the CA alongside Stream?





nope, i tried creating a CA policy for teams with no restrictions, like a blanket allow all.

as soon as any content is presented in teams from stream, the secured service , the client goes to crap and throws access errors. I had this open with microsoft for weeks and in the end i just gave up and closed the ticket. I just let the decision makers in the business know the problem, showed them Microsofts responses and compromised,  We ended up allowing stream on mobile devices outside of the trusted network, as soon as that was in place they could use teams unhindered. Desktop teams was never affected though, just the mobile apps