teams and bulk adding of members

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When I set up a new team or a channel under a team, I noticed that I have to add each name one at a time. It's really tedious, and it seems like an easy add just to cut and paste a bunch of emails from a spreadsheet into this (you can do this in outlook to send to a large distro). Why are bulk adds in teams so difficult?

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Multiple Uservoices open for this, including this one here

To be able to bulk add via CSV

Another way you can do it today, if you are an administrator and now how, is Powershell. You can do this with the Teams Powershell module. Lots of guides online

Hope that answers your question

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@Christopher Hoard , thanks for the guidance. The solution doesn't help me since I'm not an admin (which i should have specified). Good to know that others have found this issue before and that it is on the radar. Poor that MS still has not fixed. It is alarming that a long-held feature is mysteriously dropped. At least I have peace of mind that a ton of time wasn't truly wasted for not knowing how to use the feature, but merely because the feature did not exist. Too many competing offerings get these details right.


How to Add Multiple Members In Microsoft Teams in One Go:

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@ericxlin I have written a blog and developed a small script to do this easily.


Hi Guys; trying some of your solutions.

sadly every solution is focused on adding emails ; on my case I have names of user from company(600 names) and no emails.

still searching for a way.