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When I set up a new team or a channel under a team, I noticed that I have to add each name one at a time. It's really tedious, and it seems like an easy add just to cut and paste a bunch of emails from a spreadsheet into this (you can do this in outlook to send to a large distro). Why are bulk adds in teams so difficult?

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Allow bulk adding of team members via .csv file. · Community (

To be able to bulk add via CSV

Another way you can do it today, if you are an administrator and now how, is Powershell. You can do this with the Teams Powershell module. Lots of guides online. Gallery here


PowerShell Gallery | MicrosoftTeams 3.0.0


Alternatives are groups or Power Automate

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard , thanks for the guidance. The solution doesn't help me since I'm not an admin (which i should have specified). Good to know that others have found this issue before and that it is on the radar. Poor that MS still has not fixed. It is alarming that a long-held feature is mysteriously dropped. At least I have peace of mind that a ton of time wasn't truly wasted for not knowing how to use the feature, but merely because the feature did not exist. Too many competing offerings get these details right.


How to Add Multiple Members In Microsoft Teams in One Go:

This video will help teachers, students, and meeting organizers to add students in bulk to teams meeting and classes. 🌟if the file is not available in chro...

@ericxlin I have written a blog and developed a small script to do this easily.


Hi Guys; trying some of your solutions.

sadly every solution is focused on adding emails ; on my case I have names of user from company(600 names) and no emails.

still searching for a way.

try to copy the names to outlook email, and you click the "check name". And then, you should have the email addresses for these names. And you can use the email address for bulk add in MS@omarsaid980 

Thank you, this was exactly what I needed!

@Christopher Hoard  this site is no longer active.

@missyllane UserVoice is temporarily down and will be up again for some time before Microsoft migrate to the new feature request platform. As of now instead of trying to vote on the linked request you can use the above solution provided in the post with a video link attached.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for the reply. Sadly that must be specific to a special type of group. I do not have the ability to "Bulk Import" as the video suggests. That is the very request I am asking for. Is there something special about how that group was configured that allows for that feature?
You can ”bulk add” by using groups today, if users outside of your org. add the Chrome extension and copy/paste as the video instructs.

@ChristianJBergstrom I appreciate you following up with me.  I cannot find this extension on the web store.  It seems it may not be available any more?  I found another video showing this direct link: I've searched as many ways as I can find.  This was the only entry I could find in ChromeStats... 


I appreciate any guidance.

Perhaps you can use the team code to let people join the team ?

@ericxlin have you thought about using Power Automate.

  1. Create a table in a Excel sheet with your list of email addresses to be added to the team
  2. Create flow as described below
  3. Get the list of rows from the excel sheet and table
  4. Add member to a Team and select your team (this will automatically add the Apply to each step. This will repeat 1 to N times for each row of the Excel sheet and add member to Team)
  5. Then run flow and the users in the list are added to the team




@NikkiChapple_  This worked GREAT!  Thank you soo much!  I have multiple projects expecting me to bulk load large team members as we migrate our activities into the Teams platform.  This has enabled me to go forward without waiting for a corporate administrator's support.  

this is an awesome post! saved me from having to add about 1000 accounts into Teams.

i was wondering, there there a PA workflow that would allow the adding of members into Channels within a Team?
Hello, no need for that as team members have access to all channels within a team, with the exception of possible private channels.



Hi, Thank you for your reply.

I am trying to create private channels and add members to those channels - thus the question. (:  

Hi @NikkiChapple_ 

Thanks for the flow. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work with external people as the "Add a member" action asks for the AAD ID. It wants users it already knows :p

My flow fails with the error message : "User '65237ea-7d72-a409-f59cfa6d2acb' does not exist."