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Has anyone come across the Analytics not lining up in O365 and Teams Admin Center?   If you look at the two graphs below you will see what I mean.   On 3/31 Teams Admin Center says there were 258 chat messages.  But on O365 admin is says there are 0.  O365 seems to make accurate because that was a Sunday.   On Friday 4/5 Teams Admin says there were 0 chats but O365 admin says there were 404.   I have been relying on Teams Admin for showing increase in use of Teams for our rollout, but now it appears its not very accurate.  Anyone else seeing the same results?   






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Hi @Tom Robey,

I have heard of this issue here

I have looked at this a while tonight and, I may be wrong, but the X Axis on the Teams usage graph looks to be slightly off. What I mean here is if you look at the values on both graphs they are roughly the same. Look at the X Axis on the Teams Usage Graph and see

- May 30 should be May 31st
- The days should be on the points not on the spaces between the points

If you take these into consideration then they pretty much match up exactly.

I would personally raise this to Microsoft to show this disparity. From this, I think it is a graphical/visual error rather than a numerical one.

@Jamie Stark may also be able to help. Jamie, could you help in that it looks like there may be an issue in the visualisation of the Teams usage graph when compared to the Office 365 one. Looks to be a bit odd on the X Axis. We’ll raise through the normal support channel but thought you may be able to help too!

Hope that helps solve the issue @Tom Robey,

Best, Chris


@Christopher Hoard @Jamie Stark I agree the dates don't line up, but I believe Part of the reason is because its starting off on the wrong date.   I selected the past 7 days for the report in Teams Admin and under the title is says March 31 - April 7th.   However the graph starts on March 30th and skips March 31 altogether.   It goes from March 30 straight to April 1 and then stops at April 6th.   The report dates don't match the graph.  And even though I tried running the report today, it is still stuck on those dates.   


How do I report this issue to Microsoft?   

Hi @Tom Robey,

You can raise a support to Microsoft through your Microsoft 365 admin centre at To also report it as a bug, you can go here and open a uservoice

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I opened a support ticket with Microsoft.  I just looked at the report again, and while the dates are now being updated (which they weren't before), the alignment and correct dates are not being displayed properly.  Microsoft has responded to my ticket and I'm providing them with feedback.  At least now I can get the correct numbers, just have to make sure I'm paying attention to dates.    


@Christopher Hoard So after a week still no solution.   Finally yesterday Microsoft emailed me and said they tried to reproduce the issue on their end, and the behavior was the same.   Hmmmmmmm, you would have thought that would be the first step or two.   They had me deleting data on my computer and making sure my Teams application was up to date.   Just wanted to give you an update/  

That's great thanks for letting me know @Tom Robey - are they continuing their investigation? It doesn't really make any sense that it would be anything localised considering we have two different tenants in two different geos with the same issue - but I guess they have to rule things out per process.

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardYes they are still working on the issue.   Today's suggestion was to download the excel data and let them know if the dates line up.   But they obviously don't know anything about the analytics for Teams because the Excel download only shows the users activities for the specific period of time (7 days or 28 days), it doesn't show a daily summary like the chart.   One would think they would know that, but oh well.  I'm going to keep working with them.   


Are you having the same issue?  

Still having the same issue.

@adam deltinger - do you have this issue too? (See above).

@Tom Robey - Adam is a good friend here on TC and the #1 Teams TC member too so it would be good to have his input

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Latest update:


We have been discussing our case with a Senior Engineer but as the behavior is same on our test tenant as well, we are creating a Internal Ticket with the Backend team so we can check if we are able to make any changes from their side.


So basically they don't know what is going on.   Something tells me it will take some time before this is resolved.    

That’s good news Tom - it’s progress. Good thing is it’s now verified on multiple tenants so this rules out lines of enquiry with machines.

Once this is done it’ll be a small but important fix to the app. Real progress and improvements do happen here!

Will be great to find out how it concludes!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Well Microsoft Support Engineer finally got back to me after telling me the backend team would work on the issue.   And below is their response:


"We have got the response from the backend. You will have to hover on the dots to see the dates. The dates mentioned are just for Graph purpose. But there will be some of the DOTS does not have date below it. You will have to hover on them to know the exact dates which is by design behaviour."


So basically, its broken and they aren't going to fix it is what I read from that.    I understand the hovering over the dots to get the dates.  My biggest problem is the report doesn't reflect the dates specified, they are off at least one day sometimes 2.  Report may say Apr 30 - May 7 but the graph will show Apr 29 - May 6.  And that first date on the graph is always 0 for all categories.   


The reporting on Office 365 Admin is more accurate and helpful.   I won't be using these reports anytime soon.   

You and me both. I am sure we'll be seeing this crop up time and again on the Tech Community in the next few months.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop on this Tom

Best, Chris
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