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Hi all,


Need some advice regarding Teams & SharePoint. 

When I create a new Teams in Teams (or when anyone creates a new Team) I discovered that a new SharePoint site is created as well. This concerns me as I am afraid this might lead to data fragmentation (when users share files/attachments in Teams, these will automatically get uploaded on the SharePoint site as well).


Do you know how I can turn this feature off and if yes, is this going to have any impact on how users can create sites directly from SharePoint moving forward?




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There's no way to alter this behaviour. Teams rely on SharePoint to store all files. All files in Teams are stored in the corresponding SharePoint site

Hi Rocs - Like Adam said SharePoint is used for file storage in Teams. I understand your concern about files getting stored in multiple locations. As you learn more about the relationship between Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. I hope you find that this unlocks some functionality that you can you use. E.g Add a tab to a channel to a SharePoint page, list, or library. Use the OneDrive sync App to sync files in Teams (SharePoint) to your computer... .and more.