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Hi All Tech Gurus,

I wanted to change my Teams Logo when i did so it also changed the SharePoint Logo which is ok but the bad part is Team required a logo of same dimensions while SharePoint is looks better in wider width logos.


Any Suggestion on this ?

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A square logo should work fine for both teams and SPO site...256x256 should be fine

Hey Juan, you are right it is working but does it means for Teams & SharePoint you have to change your logo? I think there may be any other workaround Tip/Tricks for this.

What if you go into sharepoint and change the logo again! Will it update to teams from sharepoint?

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The site is connected via Office 365 group which shares the logo across services. Don't think it's possible to change this.
Nope! Just tried and when changing in SP it also changes in Teams! So I really can’t come up with a workaround here


no matter where you change it, that will sync.

you are totally right my friend @Chris Webb 

Yeah, as Chris said, it Will sync across all workloads of the group

you are right, I guess we need to find a way for it and the worst come to worst maybe change the logo which I am afraid no one will accept this suggestion.


so lets see if any one else got any idea out there ?

How does the teams logo look when you set the wider one in SP?


it is cutted from both edged of right and left only few part of that will be shown but if you make it square the Teams logo will be good but the SharePoint part will be not the way you want it.

I would suggest creating / voting on user voice for an auto adjustment or something! There are similar requests already:


Hi @adam deltinger  the voice has been raise for this with very low votes but the good part is there is a response from Microsoft that this has been put in to consideration so hopfully we will get some good news soon. 


here is a link if other team members would like to vote and increase the demand.

Great! Voted!!