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We are using Teams as our primary method of calling. We have a couple of issues.

The Skype for Business client was able to merge calls. Teams is not able to. Will call merging be coming to the client?

The scenario is that Microsoft support will call to troubleshoot with a user. We will then wish to call the user, let them know we need them for troubleshooting and then merge them into the Microsoft support call as a conference call. If the end user we call whilst in a conference call has an Auto Attendant / IVR, we are not able to select options. It doesn't appear that the DTMF tones are sent to the IVR for menu selection. This means we can't add organisations to a conference call without a DDI or mobile number.

Is there a plan to allow DTMF tones to be used whilst adding users to a call (this might be a work around to the previous call merging request).

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@ChristianBergstrom Thanks Bec, but it doesn't help with call merging or DTMF tones being available in Teams. We have now fully migrated to Teams and no longer use the deprecated Skype for Business client. 

@Alan Greenwood I hear you, just wanted to let you know and highlight this as it's a nice feature

"The person transferring the call must be a Teams user. The person the call is being transferred to must be either a Teams or Skype..."


Some of the Teams experts will probably add to the conversation as well. Cheers!

Looks like Merging calls in Teams is being ignored by Microsoft.


It's not clear to me if the merging of two PSTN calls will make it an audio conference like when you add a third caller ...  in which you case won't be able to dial using DTMF tones.


Still, if you can initiate a PSTN call, then merge with another existing call after, you could dial the extension or other numbers in the PTSN call before merging.  



Thanks Davis. We're just waiting for the feature to be enabled on our tenancy so that we can test it. Apparently it's finally rolling out. We'll see!

@Alan Greenwood - merge calls is now announced - 

  • Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 66054
Has anyone heard any update to what is taking so long with this?

This has been in the preview builds for awhile (Dec?) and seems to work fine, but I haven't seen it released and keeps getting pushed on the roadmap. I've been saying its "around the corner" to our users for months now and they are finally catching on i've been saying it for like 4 months now.