Teams always shares both Screens

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Hey there,

we are using Teams for several months now.
Sharing our screens is a very important function, as you can imagine.

We got one user that has a problem with it:
She got two screens and when she is trying to share e.g. screen 1, Teams always shares both screens. You can select just screen 1, but it doesn't effect the shared area.

Also, the famous "Red Band" is around both screens.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks a lot!



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@Thomas_Kuchler I would guess it's some kind of weird graphics driver on their machine, not allowing Teams to correctly find the appropriate screen. Check for updates for the graphics or anything else that's unusual about the machines graphics hardware.

Hey Steven,
thanks a lot for your Answer!
I forgot to mention that we are using Terminal Servers. The problem occurs just for one person on different Host Systems (Homeoffice und office).
Are there any settings that could force such a behaviour?
Ty in advance!