Teams - allow user access to another Teams

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Does MS Teams have the ability to allow users to have access to another persons Teams, much like assistants would have access to their managers Outlook emails.


We have business scenarios that means assistant are also in the Team as a member to support Manager activity and actions.


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Hello, not sure I understand your question as Teams is all about working and collaborate in Teams team by adding members to them. You can even use the new shared channel feature if you don't want to add the assistant to the entire team but rather a channel.

But to act as another individual you would have to sign in with that user account, which is not recommended.


Thank you for response.  I understand regarding Team being a collaboration.  The scenario is specifically for our Executives who have personal assistants that manage their emails, the question was asked if this can be replicated in Teams to support them in that space.

The shared channel looks like it may help, its not reached our region yet, but not far away in July 2022.

Using the 'share to Outlook' option in a Team comment looks like it may resolved the issue.