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Hi all,

I faced a issue, not sure if its by design or some kind of bug, but I noticed if you try to manage
Teams via Partner Center for costumers there are a few options missing.


As shown in the screenshots the access through the Partner Portal is missing most settings 

for voice.


Thought i can set anything via power-shell when using the same admin credentials.


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Hi @ElmarNiederkofler - thanks for pointing that out - I'm seeing the same limited menu when I access as a partner. 


It would be very helpful if anyone has any guidance, links to documentation on the service limitations for Partners.

Let me ping few folks on this...

@ElmarNiederkofler I'm checking on this now.  Generally we restrict capability for partners operating on a customer's tenant (what we call "Admin on Behalf of", or AoBo) in Teams admin center because the APIs that use to power the website don't support the ability to operate in that fashion.  In this case though I was under the impression that the APIs here were all good.  Will report back with what I find.  

Thanks so much @VasilMichev for the flag - appreciate it!!

Hi @Jamie Stark - Just checking if this issue is fixed. Apart from Direct routing, we are also not able to 'Buy phone numbers'

Teams DIrect Routing not visible.png

@Balaji NJL It's not clear what's going on here, because there are a few areas besides the "Phone numbers" feature that are missing from this screenshot.  Suggest opening a ticket with support if you think this should be available based on the license state of the tenant.  The core TAC team is still moving forward with improved support for AOBO, including more granular support for delegated permissions - like honoring the AAD admin role when managing a tenant through AOBO.

Thanks @Jamie Stark . I did open a support ticket stating 'Delegated admin users are not able to see few options under Teams admin' [Case #:26215184] and it got closed stating 'by design' and I was pointed to this post. 'Direct routing' functions we can do via PS script but we are not able to buy phone numbers.
Phone numbers aren't technically purchased, they're acquired into the tenant. If using PowerShell is an option, check out CsOnlineTelephoneNumber* - there's a set of cmdlets designed around searching & acquiring TNs in largely the same way it's done in TAC.