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In the Teams admin center, there's a new (to me) "Timeline" view of calls. Does anyone know how to interpret these diagrams? Is this Timeline view documented anywhere (couldn't locate anything). 

Screenshot 2021-12-13 212120.png

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This is the Real Time Telemmetry feature we have for Microsoft Teams calls and videocalls. It allows you to identify real time how Teams calls and video calls are behaving
Yeah, I can see that. But is it documented? The layout, icons, etc. do not jibe at all with the particular call I am looking at, there are 2 timelines for a single person stacked, yada's not clear how to interpret the details.
No documentation for this AFAIK. Just click on "Participant details" box to the right and you'll see the same information but in another format.
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I'm not sure that what I sent a screen shot of is the same as RT telemetry. It appears to be something different called "Call Timeline" but thanks for trying.
I hear you, and you're not the first one asking about that particular timeline either. But as previously mentioned, just look at the other box instead with the details in plain text instead and you'll get the picture. Cheers!
But it doesn't. I don't know how to interpret either view. For example, in the picture I show, a second line starts for the first participant at about 50 seconds into the call. What is that? Answering a Call Queue? The participant view doesn't shed any light. I'm sure it is an attempt to depict the pathway an incoming call took through the attendant/call queue, being put on hold, being transferred, being picked back up, etc...but it's entirely unclear.
Perhaps you should reach out to the official support for an official answer? Create a ticket from the M365 admin portal. Let us know what they say if you have the time to do that, thanks!