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recently I was away from work, so in a month time - there were quite a BIG amount of messages / tags on a Teams. Which is OK, that is what this is used for. 

But when I go to Activity Feed & select the tag / message / post, then only thing I get is to get in either:

  • space on Teams, where the topic / post was written
  • chat in which I was tagged.

Well, that is NOT GOOD. If I am tagged in a chat & I select that feed in Activity Feed to go to that message - I need to go to that message. Not the chat with quadrillion messages inside! To that exact message.

Same is with the topic / post. If I do need to check it up & go to that topic / post, especially if I was tagged - then Teams should open that exact topic with post in which I am tagged.


Why is it so hard not to make this Teams "user friendly"? Or you make this program without using it?! 🤷‍:male_sign:🤦‍:male_sign:


Thanks & please fix it!

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Noticed that Teams, does got o message sometimes. But only when that message has been downloaded.

So the issue is with chats & topics, which have not been downloaded. Example. when you return from vacation. You have to download all the chats for Teams to go to that exact message. So it is a problem in the features of the program itself - Microsoft needs to fix this!