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If I create the Group first, and then the Team from that Group - the Group shows up in the Groups in our emails.  And the group email is in the directory.


If I create the Team first (which assigns it an email) - the Group does not show up in our email list nor in the directory.  


Is there a way to get the Teams first to show up like any other Group in the email and directory?  

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This is actually a feature. We assume if someone creates a Team, they want to have communication there and not via email to the group -- as these emails are not visible in Teams.


However, if you want to change the behavior you should be able to make the email address of a specific group visible by the Set-UnifiedGroup PowerShell cmdlet with the HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled parameter.





To be specific:


1. Connect to Exchange Online with PowerShell

2. identify the newly created team (if necessary, use Get-UnifiedGroup to find the team)

3. Run:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity TeamForGroups -HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled:$False

where TeamforGroups is the identity of the group you want to reveal to email clients like Outlook and OWA.

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