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Hello- I am a very small (1 person) company and I am trying to set up my "teams" to work with some clients, but am receiving the following message: You don't have access to the d3trainingsolutions org in Teams. Select another org, or contact your admin for more details. (Note, that I am the admin) Then it then gives me a drop down of one of my I am not sure what I need to do. I don't want to use the drop down for one client to create a team that the other client might see or that I am using their network since they connect


I'm have my account through GoDaddy and have an Office365 account if that helps. 

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Hi @OkStateGrad ,


Are you trying to access Teams via the client or web version.


If client, could you try via and let me know if the same is experienced.


Also in terms of Teams, do you have a full Teams license, so access to the Teams Admin centre:


Or was it the Free version that was signed up to utilising your O365 email/upn. It is just that I know the O365 supplied by GoDaddy is sometimes just essentially for Exchange Online and not say a M365 Business License with Exchange, SharePoint and all the other trimmings, one of which being Teams.