Teams 3PIP Phones not getting Telephone Number

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Hello Teams Community,


Please i need your help on this issue.


We have configured Teams Calling with Direct Routing for this customer. They are trying to leverage their existing fleet of Polycom VVX 501 Phones on S4B Firmware (Teams 3PIP).


The User accounts that are created in the Cloud are able to make and receive calls fine, but user accounts that are Dir Synced do not provision the Caller ID to the handset and calling fails.


Please see attached:

- Image 1 - user account provisioned to handset with Phone Number



Image 2- user account provisioned to handset, no Phone number, unable to make/receive calls

- Get-CSOnlineUser.png - comparing accounts confirming LineURI is populated in both accounts.





On-Prem Dial Plan is set to false (otherwise handsets get default US Dial Plan) and OnPremLineURI is confirmed to be false for both cloud and dirsync user.


Note that all users (dirsync and cloud only) work fine in Teams Client, Caller ID is present and all normalisation and voice routes apply correctly.


Can you please assist in determining the difference between accounts and how to resolve.

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Since the community has not yet responded to your post, you might want to seek assistance with other resources that are focused on tech support:


  • Ask your IT manager to open a support case or call Microsoft using the support line you were given.  Other options for business subscription admins are listed here:

Get support | Microsoft Docs