Teams 1449 on Poly X30/X50 3.5.0 still not ok (wrong aspect ratio)

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We have multiple Poly X30 and X50 conference bars, running fw 3.5.0-344025.

They are paired with Poly TC8 tablets running 3.5.0-210489.

The teams version that ships with that firmware is now 1449/


While this seems to have helped tremendously with the pairing and lost credentials problems, it has also introduced a new very annoying problem.


Some rooms are sending an image with a wrong ratio (heads are wider as seen by remote people - local video feedback in the corner is fine).

All rooms also seem to display incoming video streams with an aspect ratio problem (also too wide), while they are fine as seen from other computers/phones joined in the meeting.


Sometimes, depending on the amount of people in the meeting, incoming video streams are like jumping between 2 wrong ratios (like a 4:3 image being stretched to 16:9 and 16:10 alternatively - very annoying).


It seems that, at least when many people are joined, switching on the tablet to "large group" mode is helping a bit, but i still feel something is very wrong in this version.


Does anyone experience this ?



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So yep, i'm alone with this awful image problem apparently.

I wonder how many X30 and X50 have been sold though


Your not alone! I cannot even start the meeting with that tablet thingy.