Team Recordings Now in Channel Files Tab


Our Team recordings are now stored in OneDrive/SharePoint. You can now access the recordings folder in the File tab of the Team channel. This is our 1st week of this.

My question is do these stay here indefinitely like any other file? Or do they only stay 21 days like the recording deposited in the chat history?



Thank you!

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Recordings are going to stay definitively there until someone deletes. A recording stored in ODFB / SPO is just another file

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hi, I've heard about an auto-expiration implementation of 60 days as default that will be configurable for up to a year. Retention policies will supersede these. No ETA though.

Does this mean the Teams Admin can choose to make it a year and if they don't the recordings will only be there 60 days? Sorry, just need a clarification to share with faculty. I don't want to say they will be there indefinitely and then they are gone. This transition has been challenging enough. Thanks!
Yes. It will be similar to that. I am afraid there is no official info about it yet. As for now they will not just disappear as it hasn’t been implemented and it will probably take some time as well.
Thank you all for your help! I greatly appreciate it!