Team Recording Permissions with New Stream Experience

We have switched to having our Team recordings uploaded to OneDrive/SharePoint. Is there an easy way to make all Team recordings- both channel and 'all others' read only? Can you do this at the folder level? I can't find a really good doc about how permissions work in OneDrive/SharePoint. Do they waterfall? So, all the recordings in the recording folder set with with read-only would only be read-only? Or do each individual recording have to be set to read-only? 
The default is anyone with the link can edit. Faculty don't want students to have the ability to edit and don't want to have to change it for each recording. 
Thank you!
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@ChristianBergstrom Thank you for the quick reply. I have seen the default permissions and for Team channel recordings. I meant if I set the Recording folder in the SharePoint site to can view (at the folder lever) will all the recording that are stored there be view only? Do the permissions cascade down? Thanks!





Yes, for channel meetings permissions are inherited from the owners and members list in the channel.
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Christian is totally correct, SharePoint rules apply here so the permissions you apply in the folder are propagated to the content stored in the folder unless someone has modified security of a particular file in the folder
Thank you all for the help! Much appreciated!