Team recording access issue -onedrive



I am getting the below error when accessing the recording from the team . 


Sorry, this email address isn't associated with this secure link. Please contact the person who shared it with you

Please help 


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Hi @supportsib

Teams is changing the way meetings are recorded. Used to be in Stream but is now moving over to SharePoint and OneDrive. This will make it easier to share and to also leverage better security and compliance

When the meeting is recorded into OneDrive you can share it by sharing a link which anyone can access, or depending upon permissions in their organisation, only specific people can access. This looks like the latter. I would contact the person who recorded/shared the video and get them to add your email address to the video sharing permissions and then you should be able to access it. There isn't a way you could resolve this on your own

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I thought that a Teams recording would pick up the permissions to the recording based upon who was invited in Outlook.  If the person was invited in Outlook, should the permissions come from that list of invitees?  I attended a Microsoft Meeting yesterday and am getting the same error, yet, I attended the meeting.

Not for people outside your organisation. People within it have read only access by default

Best, Chris