Team provisioned without graph access

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I've noticed that every so often when we create a new team via the Teams client, the newly created team will not be provisioned correctly. Typically once a team is provisioned you can get the root site for the team using the following graph query:{teamId}/sites/root



However, we have observed on numerous occasions a provisioned team does not return the root site using the above graph query. The site itself is still accessible however using the above graph call return an error like below:



    "error": {
        "code": "ResourceNotFound",
        "message": "Resource is not found.",
        "innerError": {
            "date": "2023-05-16T14:36:41",
            "request-id": "cfa4b716-4599-4c2f-93bd-f4604d1d5fbf",
            "client-request-id": "308ff383-5102-a049-88e2-eb1ba5e70557"


Additional Details:
- Sometimes the site is accessible via the graph for a short period of time and then becomes inaccessible again. 

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its a timing thing.  Im working on that right now.  You have to retry every 5? minutes till it works.

If you go into that team, click on files by hand it will eventually work and they your graph api will return a result...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response :) Do you work for Microsoft and are working on a fix to the timing issue at the moment or you're just encountering the issue yourself and working on a workaround?

I've tried creating and moving the files in the SharePoint UI but the issue seems to persist. Querying the graph for days but the root site still cannot be found via graph.


btw: I've added some additional notes to the question above :)

@Stand I dont work for Microsoft, but I am struggling with you...  :)

Everything I am doing is using the GraphAPI.   

It works, but I have to manually go to the file tab after the channel is created and then it comes up.  I am now calling that tab thru an automated HTTP request.   I am sure there is an easier way, but I have not found it yet.   I'll post when I solve issue.

Also I am using automation so I have created the same team name 100 times. That causes problems in Sharepoint so I had to write a simple routine to permanently delete the deleted sharepoint sites...


Yer, we can't seem to find a suitable workaround either. For us, we have a multi-tenanted application that is used by thousands of different tenants so we tend to see this issue come up often. Any workaround that involves interaction with the UI unfortunately won't work for our scale.