Team Name / Channel Name Sync Issue / behaviour to sharepoint

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Hi all,
Are you able to provide your recommendation or roadmap forward on the below issues:

1. Rename of team channel does not rename the associate SharePoint folder leads to SharePoint folder sync issue?

2. Rename of team name doesn’t rename the office 365 group and SharePoint team site URL leads to sync issue?

3. Is there way to migrate the existing planner tasks to new team planner?

Please confirm as there may be wider governance implications of this as all users are able to rename teams and channels? How you are handling this issue and What approach you are recommendations to your business users on renaming of team and channels as a good practice?

Many thanks!
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1: Microsoft is working on this according to the user voice, which you can fins here:


2. Currently there are some mismatches occuring when you change the team name! You can shange the displayname easily today in SharePoint but the url remains the same..This shouldnt lead to any problems regarding sync though..

You can also make changes to the group settings and exchange properties as well with powershell! See answer from Microsoft in this user voice:


3. Regarding ability to copy plans this is also in developement :


/ Adam


@adam deltinger 

I can see no recent updates to this entry, which is prompting me to comment that I am seeing MS Teams sync issues between the desktop client, O365 online, and mobile happening today.  I have tried a number of things in an attempt to address the issue independently, but as yet, I have been unsuccessful.  It would be great if Microsoft could provide current status on where we are with addressing the sync troubles.  Thank you.


@adam deltinger As you can see from the last post here, the link you shared that goes to the Uservoice about the renaming issue hasn't had any updated since nearly a year ago. This is totally unacceptable for Microsoft to not follow up with the community. Now I know it's because the woman who updated that post last no longer works for Microsoft, but there needs to be communication. Can anyone update that post with an ETA on the fix for a problem that goes back at to 2016 that I can see?



@adam deltinger Does anyone at Microsoft have an update for #1? People are still posting on the User Voice article that this is an issue, but there hasn't been an update from Microsoft since February 2020. It would be great to get an updated ETD on when this will be resolved.