Team members have no access to added cloud storage (sharepoint)

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I have a Teams group with 2 channels (A & B)  and couple of members. In channel A I want to add a shortcut to a SharePoint folder (Folder1). The idea is to give the members the access to view/ edit /create files in that SharePoint folder. Also depending on the administration rights, I want them to be able to remove/add members.


This is how I did:


A. Create the SharePoint folder:

1. Create a Teamsite. Name is Site

2. go to Documents tab and create the folders :

Folder 1.
Folder 1.1 (this folder was created inside the previous Folder 1)
File A.pdf (this file was copied inside the Folder 1.1)
3. I shared the Folder 1 link and copied the URL address. The folder was shared choosing the option 'People in my organisation with the link' and option 'Can edit'


B. Give access in Teams to the the SharePoint folder:

1. go to channel A and click on the 3 dots

2. click on Add cloud storage 

3. I select SharePoint (this is the only option I have-maybe a company restriction?)

4. I select Use a SharePoint link

5. I copy the link which I previously created


When the members go in Teams they should be able to see in the tab Files from channel A  :

Folder 1.
Folder 1.1 
File A.pdf. This file they should be able to see/edit
What actually happens is that they can only see the folder named Site_Documents. They can't see further as they have no permission. 


When sharing the folder, I tried sharing with the other options as well: 'People with existing access' and 'Specific people'. It still didn't work.


Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way for the members present in the Teams to have access to what I am sharing? 

Another option would be to give access to each of them. In the beginning as they are only a few, this might work, but when they are 50+ this will not be easy


I hope someone can help. Thanks





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Hello @harsh740 can you share the link to that discussion please? I don't understand what you mean with 'the /me/online meetings endpoint'. This is my first post on the forums so i am quite new around here.
However, i googled and looked through this forum as well using cloud storage as key words, but I couldn't find anything.