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Hi, I just started my first team a few days ago. I have added quite a few members, but every now and then, I see that some that are missing from the members list, and then I find on the feed that it says I deleted them, which I definitely did not. What is happenening? Do I need to re-add them or will they automatically be added back the next time they try to log-in? How do I keep this from happening?



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Am having same problem. Add team members in teams and following day they are deleted. Add team members to the group created in Office 365 admin and following day they are deleted. This happens to only (2) users and have not found any difference in user profile. We are planning on recreating the team to see if that fixes the problem, have you tried that yet? If so did it work?


@tbenke We just kept adding back anyone that was dropped, and eventually people stopped disappearing (I think). I did realize eventually though that since they were already added to org, they were able to add themselves back to the team without my intervention.  

@emeisenheimer Good information. I have started a ticket with our hosting agency (Rackspace) this was the first they have heard of the problem. I have turned on the audit trail in Office 365 security and will see what it shows tomorrow. If they are out again tomorrow think we will probably recreate the team.

Good luck

We opened a case yesterday and got this as an answer:

  • If there any application or any other method through which the users are added or removed in Underlying AAD group related to this team. This is by design behavior. (In your case members are added via script app)
  • When users who are updated to the Group directly and we (Teams app) are getting this event via our aad sync pipeline, which is purely async and we do not have the actor information, so we pick a random owner as the actor, So it appears that a random owner has added/removed the member to the team.
  • We have a work item mentioned below which will change this behavior in future. No ETA currently. It will likely be more towards end of this year as the fix is dependent on some broader architecture changes in how we sync membership from M365 Group to Teams.