Team login has old company as default

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OK this is completely unacceptable.  I bought a new computer and logged into Teams for a call.  An account I have never used on this computer showed up in the login.  On top of this I have not worked at that company for many years and there is no way to delete it.


EG log into team and it goes to the "Where would you like to start" page.  It has the choice personal and a company guest account.  I am a consultant.  I log into many companies with a guest access.  Teams must not remember these accounts!  This is completely unacceptable.


How do I manage and permanently delete these old accounts?

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Not sure to understand your point, but if you want to delete your guest accounts, you have to leave the relevant organizations:

@ThijoubertThanks the second option worked.  I was able to delete that old organization.