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Generally, what we're trying to do is to understand is the limit of what we can do on Teams hosting live events. 



1) I know Teams and Yammer can organize live events. Yammer's purely for an internal audience, that I've established. Teams also can do live events, but can I include external audiences, and how can I do that? By way of inviting external audiences through chats/channels? 


2) If successful in inviting external guests - how do I track them as well. 


3) Bringing me to my next point - I know there's no lobby function built into Teams and Yammer for live events. but attendance taking is important for us to track interest. Hence - what are the alternatives Microsoft can suggest to integrate within Teams (for eg.) Is there a widget/app that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams we can use? Other webinar apps like Zoom, Livestorm, etc all offer lobby functions or the ability to track attendees by way of providing a customised attendee link for everyone. So I want to know if Microsoft has an option/or partner widget app that can do this too. 


4) Is there a possibility to showcase 6 faces at once during a live event? Let's say, if we were to do a live panel chat, for example. Or do hold a digital prize award ceremony of 20 people for example. My colleagues are mostly on web browser, so does this affect the way they can view the speakers (i.e. grid view + presentation slide view) - as producers of the live event - how do we feed that in. When we're doing a live event test, we were not able to select more than 1 speaker to be showcased or feed in presentation slides with 4 speakers, for example. 


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@rahul2275  Here are some of the suggestions for the questions you asked maybe these are not what you are looking for but at least this is what is an option for you as of today using Microsoft Teams Live Events.


you can do Live events through Teams, Yammer, or Stream!


1 - Teams Live Event does give you the option to select the public option which is for external users though they still have to log in to their Teams if that is free or paid versions.


2 - As they log in to their Teams after the live event you will get the log details with a full report for participants and the recording etc.


3 - again the same log/report after the live event is ended could be used for and even you could see the number of participants joined the live session but just the number no more details. there could be an alternative to create a form or PowerApps that is being shared with everyone as soon as they fill their details like name, number, location, etc. they should see the link as part of the thank you note for that form to join the Teams Live event but if not fill the form they will not see it.


4 - Teams currently does not have that option to change the view from one video to more but could be tried out using different external encoders.


here is how you can use external encoders


List of External Encoders supported by Streams