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This is just a small annoyance, but I wanted to see if anyone has thought about it or perhaps it is being developed.  When you go to the Team view for a Team, there does not seem to be a link to the SP site, like there is on the channels.  Anyone know why?  Am I missing something?

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Not sure what you mean really?

The SP site is outside of Teams, and you can use the URL to get there


@adam deltinger When you go to a channel, if you hit the "..." next to the channel name, there is a "Open in SharePoint" option.  This takes you to the library on the SP site created for the Team.  But there is an entire site devoted to the Team, so it would make sense that the "..." next to the Team name itself would have a link that goes to the site in general.  At least that is my thought.

Oh, gotcha!

No, just that default library option! Would be nice to have a selection here to the different libraries and home site etc..

For now you can post the url somewhere or make a sharepoint tab for the homepage

@adam deltingerI was just about to create a new very similar post.   It was confusing to me that the 'Open in SharePoint' link on the channels opens directly into a document library.


I would have thought that it would open to the home page of the site or that I would have the option somewhere to choose where that link goes.


We are working on a PowerApps and PowerAutomate community and have started with a Team and are building out the associated SharePoint site.  


Having that link go to the Home page would be the best option but for now I can add the SharePoint tab.