Team hard crashes when joining multiple meetings

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I work as a digital facilitator and teacher and I use Teams a lot. I use OBS and wirecast and their virtual cam plugin as my camera source. 


I have had problems when working with breakout rooms. I create them by creating channels within the team that is called grouproom 1...2... etc. The problem happens when I try to jump into discussions in the different rooms. After dooing so a couple of times teams hard crashes. Ie I need to restart the computer to fix it. 


Have anyone else seen this problem, does anyone have a workaround that does not include not using virtual cams? 





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@JohanVictor Hello, well I can't say exactly why this is happening but bear in mind that the full 'Breakout room' functionality isn't rolled out yet. It's being released as GA at earliest in November.


You can follow the roadmap here


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